Character Diary Entries: Eileen


Up seven times last night. Waterworks. Seeing the doctor again on Thursday. One o’clock. Hope I see the English one. Saw the Portugese one last time and couldn’t understand anything he said. And he looked like he’d just come out of school. Much rather see someone who knows what they’re talking about.


Doubt it’ll do any good anyway though, it’s been going on for months. I asked Lydia to go to that pharmacy in Shepherd’s Bush and get some more of the tablets that worked last time, but she got ratty about having to go all that way again, so have to I’ll grin and bear it until she can go.




Had to keep the radio volume down more than normal today because next door complained about the noise. I didn’t think it was loud at all and Mrs Levy never complained when she lived there. Youngsters these days are always complaining about something or other. They said it was keeping the children awake all night, but I can’t see how – I can barely hear it myself. Anyway today I’ve done my duty and turned it down.




Got told off by Lydia for going out to get the paper first thing because it was windy. She rattled on about it being dangerous, some sort of storm, but I told her it was fine. I said I had my walking stick on me to keep her quiet. Had a bit of a wobble trying to cross the main road but I won’t be telling her that or she’ll start thinking I need someone to look after me. I’m sick of her threatening carers on me. I don’t want carers, I’m not some sort of invalid. I can manage quite well by myself. Carers don’t do anything anyway. I’ve seen them in Sue’s house and all they do is move things about and make bad tea. I can make my own tea and I don’t want someone else going through my things.




Was glad for a sit down at after my lunch. Must have fallen asleep on the sofa because I woke up to Come Dine with Me, and my plate was face down on the floor. Seems I sleep better in the day than I do at night at the moment. I can’t stand the silence, and now I might even have to turn the radio off at night. It’s those little things that make life bearable. Sometimes I don’t know how much longer I can go on.








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